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Best Sneakers Of Virgil Abloh's Storied Career

The last year or so with the exception of the Off-White Jordan 2 it seemed like Virgil had realized that he could put out anything with Nike and it would go nuclear and he could just cash checks, i may or may not have been one of those people. *deletes all 1000000 blogs calling Virgils last calendar year lazy* But objectively it had seemed lazy with the release of "The 50" fifty almost similar colourways of dunks being the culmination. I don't want that to detract at all from some of the absolute masterpieces Virgil has released, I am going to covering my personal top five sneakers in Virgils catalogue. First things first, I understand that Virgil has more than just his work with Nike to show but honestly none of those sneakers make me feel that special way (you know that feeling, the fresh Jordan 1 smell that warms your heart) so I fully understand Virgils sneaker catalogue I just only fully resonate with his work with Nike in regards to footwear.

5) Off-White X Converse "Chuck Taylor All Star"

I have an affinity for sneakers that push the technological boundaries of footwear, whether its self lacing sneakers or something along the lines of Off-White's first Chuck Taylor All Star. This sneaker was a part of Virgils "The Ten" with Nike however it did not end up dropping to the public until roughly eight months after the release of the rest of the sneakers in collection due t manufacturing issues. These issues surrounded around the fact that they had to figure out how to create a completely transparent sneaker which is no easy task.

4) Off-White X Jordan 4

I know that the ladies out there feel the struggle of trying to find kicks in proper sizing with the majority of sneakers coming in mens sizing runs but this one is for the ladies. Virgils take on the Jordan 4 is one of my favorite sneakers and could rank higher on my list if my feet weren't too damn big to find a reasonably priced women's size 13. The all over tan and full grain leather give me that special little feeling in the pit of my stomach. Shout out to Virgil for holding the ladies down on this one.

3) Off-White Jordan 1 "Chicago"

HEAR ME OUT, before you all jump in my mentions calling me an idiot or bashing my opinion on this saying "iT'S tOo lOW oN ThE LiST". This is the most iconic sneaker Virgil has ever put out and it will be the sneaker that everyone remembers 20-30 years down the line but it's not his best in my opinion. This sneaker is as close too perfect as a sneaker can be but it leans a little too heavily on the Chicago colorway for my liking. I think that the European released all white Jordan 1 that Off-White released is better but it does not carry the institutional clout that the Chicago 1 carries. Sometimes resale prices don't tell the whole story, make your own decisions.

2) Museum Series

A point of contention on this one may be "why are all the museum released Air Force 1's grouped together but not the Jordan 1's" and my response is, dope I make the list I make the rules. I think the release of the different colorways at different times through art installations across the country at some of the most iconic museums the United States has to offer qualifies a grouping on this one. I prefer the MOMA pair (above) over the MCA pair but that's just personal preference both pairs are perfect so they are interchangeable to me. These sneakers are amazing, Virgil added his twist on one of the most widely worn sneaker models across the globe and he perfected every single aspect. Virgil wanted to prove that sneakers were art and this is how he achieved that goal.

1) Off-White X Nike Presto "The 10"

This is the perfect shoe that's it, nothing else right now is better. I have a special spot in my heart for Presto's due to the presto being the first ever real sneaker I chased and owned so I am aware of the bias but if we can refer to the beginning of this blog I would like to remind you that again its my list so I could care less. The functionality of the sneaker paired with the fact that its not only Virgils first Presto but his best is what really put it in the upper pantheon of sneakers to me. The way the materials are used on the tongue flawlessly intertwined with the how the colorway has come together just make me sit here and drool into my keyboard. Everything about this sneaker flows so well, this is a piece of art and calling it a sneaker does not seem like enough praise. This is my favorite sneaker of all time, my true holy grail.

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