Are the Dunk Delays Foreshadowing?!

2021 seems to be keeping the same energy as 2020 so far by throwing delays in face right from the jump. Only two weeks into 2021 Nike has a slate of dunks that have been delayed already. No one knows when they’ll drop, some places are still getting them and it has just been an absolute mess, especially out here in Canada where our sneakers are already at a premium. Maybe this is a sign that Nike should move away from the Dunks for a little bit, maybe get us something new or better yet Nike should reach down into the vault and get us some clean retros of old silhouettes. Don’t get me wrong I love Dunks and I love how they so easily tell the story behind their inspiration but with the resale market getting all bent out of shape over dunks we should look back at some other silhouettes that I think need to see the light of day this year should Nike give the Dunk a breather for a little bit.


My favourite silhouette for so many reasons, and I don’t mean that new presto silhouette with the react soul, that looks too spacey for me personally. My first ever big sneaker I ever owned was a presto, I got it from Marcus Jordan down at Trophy Room in Disney Springs and the presto has such strong ties to sports through the Olympics so it will always hold a spot in my heart. With the Olympic ties look for a few prestos to drop over the summer around the time the Olympics plan to start back up. Rumor has it that there were multiple pairs of prestos that got put on the backburner after COVID-19 rescheduled the Olympics this previous summer.

Jordan 3

I was thinking maybe the Jordan 2 here in this slot but I still don’t know how to feel about the Jordan 2, I love the quality and made in Italy vibes but overall as a shoe its not one I’ll stand on a soap box and yell about needing to bring back more flavours. As for the Jordan 3 however I will stand here on my soap box and scream to the heavens about how we need more flavours of the 3. We need to black cement 3’s back solely because I need a pair for everyday wear and the resale on those is just a little too high. We also need some cool designers from Chicago to mock us up a pair of 3’s, I need a new Don C or Off-White Jordan 3 in my life. I cannot believe Virgil has dropped so many different silhouettes both Nike and Jordan but the Jordan 3 has never received to same type of love. We get so many 1’s, 4’s and even 5’s but for some reason designers either choose to stay away from the 3 or Jordan brand keeps the 3 close to the chest, whatever the case is I need more 3’s in my life.I understand we actively get 3’s throughout the year but I’m calling for more like how we get Jordan 1 releases.

Air Max ST (1992)

Make Air Max great again, there are so many Air Max models that have been lost to history but I am urging Nike to do the research and realize that the core sneaker community needs some of the great Air Maxes of the past brought back to life with some protro type tooling. For me it’s the Air Max ST that I need brought back into my life. Being to young to have grabbed a pair back in the day I need these brought back because it has always been a silhouette I have been fond of and have always wanted a pair in my collection. The shape, the tech, the endless possibilities in reference to colour blocking and styling make the Nike Air Max ST the perfect shoe to bring back out of the vault. With the Air Max ST being s lesser known model it gives Nike the ability to run a history lesson alongside the release which is something that I know Nike loves to do. Please Nike I beg you, release these for the people, they will sell out trust me, because I am going to buy up every single pair

Honorable Mentions.

Air Max Tuned MAX:

Nike MAC Attack:

Literally anything from Penny Hardaways Line (Air Penny Pictured:

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