Anti-Bot Technology and How Bots Actually Work

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

A few weeks ago Mathew Welty over at Sole Collecter/Complex wrote an article about bots and how to use them and it got the sneaker internet up in arms. Then last week the world found about west coast Joe and his shenanigans with Nike. Now earlier this week Nike has come out and stated that they have been working on anti-bot technology to help curb the use of bots and to allow the sneakers to go direct To the consumer rather than fueling the resale market. This is huge because of you've been keeping up with the blog you know that the majority of these blogs are just me complaining about bots day in and day out.

I’m not what one would call a tech wiz so I have no idea how ’anti bot‘ technology even works. I know that lots of retail stores have tried all different types of raffles and ways to get sneakers direct to the consumer but at the end of the day bots always seem to win out and it’s demoralizing. I’ve noticed that as times gone in I’ve become more bitter and jaded towards the sneaker industry because I literally can’t by one single pair of any sneaker I want anymore, even the kicks that don’t have a lot of hype. Resellers have moved from solely targeting high markup items and have moved to literally all aspects of the sneaker world and it’s tough on the core sneaker heads.

I know that the majority of people reading this right now are thinking “Why don’t you just get a bot Dean?” It’s not that simple, if it were I would have one by now. @sneakerphetish on Twitter summed up how bots work in a thread the other day and I’ll share it here because it will help put bots into perspective for everyone. Below is @sneakerphetish ’s summary of the cost of using bots.

Moral of the story is no I can’t just buy a bot and get sneakers it’s not that simple and no I’m not in a place to be dropping money like that on a gamble that this will all work out. Plus I’m a technology idiot so I couldn't figure this out if my life depended on it.

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