Anatomy Of A Sneaker Collab.

When thinking about sneakers many think about the story telling, the style, the materials but at the end of the day we have to remember that this is all big business. Have you ever wanted to wear a bowl of cereal on your feet? Maybe matching a box of Krispy Kreme donuts to your outfit will really make it complete. That’s where collaborations with giant companies come into play. The commercial aspect of the sneaker industry is no more prevalent than in regards to collaborations. Some of the biggest companies in the entire world have had sneaker collaborations with all the major brands including Ferrari, Disney and General Mills.

Kyrie "Cereal Pack"

It sounds crazy, wearing a pair of shoes inspired by a bowl of cereal, but more often than not, the sneaker brands do a good job at designing these sneaker collaborations. Sometimes they are a little outlandish and may be more of a collection piece than a realistic outfit choice but I’m here for it. As long as there has been demand for sneakers big time brands (Disney, Ferrari, Lego, Krispy Kream) have understood that they can make money, as well as advertise by collaborating on a pair coveted kicks.

The first major brand to do an official collaboration on a pair of sneakers was Disney way back in 1934 with Converse on a pair of “Skoots Dart” sneakers. Converse advertised these kicks as having “tremendous repeat sale value” which might be the first ever reference to sneaker reselling, its heart breaking to see the company that shaped your childhood be the first to endorse the most painful part of my adult life (resellers).

Disney "Skoots Dart" 1934

Since the commercial success that Converse and Disney had together many companies have come out with collaborations on sneakers that have become some of the most coveted kicks around including “Travis Scott X Sony Playstation X Nike dunks”. Partnering with Travis Scott was not Sony’s first collaboration with Nike; in 2006 the brand partnered with Nike on a now infamous pair of Air force 1’s. These Air forces inspired an episode of the Tyra Banks show where Tyra interviewed people with “strange addictions” and she had on Chris Vidal from flight club and his girlfriend at the time to talk about his addiction. Chris came on and explained his passion for sneakers and why he works at “Flight Club” one of the first sneaker consignment stores, all while wearing his pair of the “Playstation Air Force 1’s” which now cost around $15 000 on the resale market…

Nike X Playstation "Air Force 1 Playstation"

This trend of companies collaborating on sneakers and street wear does not seem to have an end in sight with Lucky Charms and KITH collaborating on a full holiday collection including a co-branded box of cereal titled “Lucky Kithmas”. I managed to come up on a box of the aforementioned cereal, so the real question is how many likes on IG to eat a bowl of KITH Lucky Charms out of my Kyrie X Lucky Charms sneakers? How clout hungry am I? Check out the IG page to find out… @thesneakerciamp

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