Air Max Month’s Hottest Drops

With it being “Air Max Month” in March Nike always rolls out killer collaborations all month long to highlight their made up holiday that celebrates one of its greatest and most innovative lines they have. I love Air Maxes, I love the tech, I just love everything about them. This year Nike has brought out the big guns to celebrate Air Max Month, both ”CLOT” as well as “Dave’s Quality Meats” have collaborated on sneakers to celebrate.

Dave Ortiz (not big papi) founder and owner of Dave’s Quality Meats (DQM) designed maybe the most iconic colourway of the Air Max 90 and after being locked away in the vault for the past decade and a half the “Bacon” colourway of the Air Max 90 is finally being rereleased to the public. As the story goes Dave was given a time frame by Nike and as a chronic procrastinator Ortiz waited until just a day or two before his deadline and had no idea what he was going to design. It wasn’t until he was getting groceries that the idea dawned on him, bacon. The concept goes with the theme of his store at the time so Dave grabbed a Pantone book ten packages of bacon and got to work designing.

As for Nikes other major collaboration this year for Air Max Month that belongs to Edison Chen and his brand CLOT. Edison took inspiration from his heritage and upbringing when designing his version of the Air Max 1. Chen brought in elements from the Chinese traditions of acupuncture and reflexology when creating his Air Max 1. That inspiration is shown through the see through toe box of the sneaker, mandarin characters on the insole and the map of chi flow through the foot thats underneath the transparent outsole of the shoe.

Both of these pairs of sneakers have big time grail energy to them and are an absolute must grab if you have the opportunity to get your hands on a pair. I’m going to be doing everything in my power to grab these but the way my sneaker luck is going I’ll probably have to wait another 17 years to try and grab some Bacon Air Max 90’s

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