Air Max Day 2021

No wind down this week because today just happens to be one of my favourite made up corporate holidays that celebrates consumerism while Nike also gasses itself up about how great it is. To celebrate I’m going to be ranking my personal favourite Air Max shoes of all time. If Nike gets to create a day to talk about themselves I thought why not piggy back off that and talk about my own favourites.

5. Air Zoom Citizen

One of my favourite more low key sneakers in the Air Max lineage, not a lot of people know about the Citizen but they should. I’ve heard rumours of a possible retro release coming sometime this year and that would be one of the more devastating L’s I could take this year so I’m not excited for that. This silhouette was part of Nikes Alpha Project.

4. Air max 97

This might be a little controversial because of the amount of die hard 97 fans I’ve seen but thats the reason it’s so low on my list. I’ve never been one of those die hards so I don’t feel right putting it any higher but this is an iconic silhouette that everyone has seen. The colourways most associated with the Air Max 97 are the gold and silver colourways, if you’ve ever been to Italy you know that half the population owns a silver pair of these.

3. Air Max 180

Another lesser known silhouette from Nikes massive Air Max catalogue but one that should not be forgotten. The Air Max 180 was not just a clean looking silhouette with some pretty solid casual colourways it was also Nikes first ever sneaker with a full 180° air bag in the heel which at the time was a massive innovation and if you know me you know I’m a massive fan of innovation and change within sneakers so this is high up on the list for me.

2. Air Max 95

To me this is the peak of Nikes Air Max line, the design is beautiful and the shape excentuates the air bubble like no other silhouette and the original colourways are still just as iconic now 26 years later as they were when they first released. The colourways have stayed pretty true to the OG’s over the years. Excuse if it ain’t broke don’t fix it so I don’t see Nike moving too far away in regards to colourways.

1.Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97

I understand that this is just a singular one colourway shoe rather than an iconic silhouette that’s stood the test of time with lots of colourways and retros along the way guess what I don’t care. This is EASILY the best Air Max sneaker to ever exist. A few years back Nike held a contest for people to submit their own designs to Nike and after a March madness style bracket competition the winning design were get out into production. Founder of Round 2 in L.A Sean Wotherspoon used this platform to mix his two favourite Air Max silhouettes the Air Max 97 (upper) and the Air Max 1 (sole) and it changed everything for Nike. The colourway that Wotherspoon designed was a rainbow pattern made from a corduroy material inspired my Wotherspoons love of vintage Nike 5 panel hats made from the same material.

These are just my top 5 but I highly recommend to look back at Nikes Air Max catalogue for yourself because it’s so vast that everyone will have their own personal favourites! Happy Air Max day to our corporate overlords!

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