Adidas Is Selling Reebok?!

There had been rumours swirling around the end of 2020 about the possible sale of Reebok from under the adidas umbrella and these rumours have been confirmed as part of a five year plan for Adidas. According to Adidas CEO Kaspar Rørsted “Reebok and adidas will be able to significantly better realise their growth potential independently of each other,” (via Reuters). Since Adidas purchased Reebok in 2006 the value of Reebok has gone down by over 50% in the fifteen years Adidas has owned the brand.

I’m a little surprised by the news because Reebok has seemingly had a slight revival over the past year or two with them focusing a lot on Allen Iversons “The Question” line of sneakers. Adidas also signed streetwear designer Jerry Lorenzo (Fear Of God) who has been very outspoken about how inspired he is by Allen Iverson, Lorenzo even went as far as doing a full Iverson inspired photo shoot while he was still under contract with Nike! I’m curious to see how he feels about this decision...

Nike X FOG (Inspired by A.I)

There hasn’t been to much information released about the whole situation so I’m just speculating from here on, on how I believe this will benefit Reebok. With Reebok’s sale all but imminent I think this is going to benefit Reebok so much more than it will benefit Adidas. Adidas seems to see Reebok as dead weight and I don’t think they had been giving Reebok the resources that it truly deserves for it to flourish. With Reebok going solo the entire companies resources and focus will be shifted solely onto Reebok which means less red tape to get through if designers are pitching ideas which will be amazing for the new silhouettes and collaborations that will be coming in the future.

Reebok “Pumps”

Personally I think this separation is going to open the flood gates in regards to signature shoes given out and I think it’s going to lead more athletes, specifically NBA players to sign sneaker deals with Reebok. Adidas might have put less energy into Reebok basketball so that their own basketball line could prosper. This news has me ecstatic about the future of Reebok.

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