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A Ma Maniére X Jordan "Airness"

James Whitner along with his Whitaker Group announced today on Instagram Via short film the debut of the groups newest Jordan collaboration, this time the canvas is an Air Jordan 2 Retro. The film a spoken word piece focuses on the themes of growing up, standing out and being true to who you are deep inside. The film and the subsequent sneakers share a title “Airness”. The sneakers share similar themes to their A Ma Maniére predecessors which are community, coming of age and appreciation of the mothers who raised us through adversity and all.

The “Airness” Jordan 2 shares a similar colour palette as the Jordan 1 that A Ma Maniére released last year but similarities do not stop at the colour way. Staying true to their story telling and branding A Ma Maniére focuses their use materials on luxurious high quality materials including snake skin print on the mid sole of the sneaker as well as the upper fully adorned with a cracked leather. The heel of the sneaker as well as part of the outsole and some trim is the same rich wine colour that A Ma Maniére used on their Jordan 1 collaboration last year. The quilted inner lining of the sneaker reimagines the same quilted liner from its predecessor the A Ma Maniére Jordan 3 this time in black.

Personally I love these as much as I could possibly love an Air Jordan 2 but at the end of the day that silhouette is just not for me. I reserve the right to change my mind on these once I see then in hand but the silhouette just doesn't do it for me, I don’t have the vibe to pull them off with any outfit I own. I love everything that the Jordan 2 stands for historically and it sometimes gets overshadowed by most other silhouettes of retro Jordans due to Tinker Hatfields involvement with the brand following the 2 but its a silhouette I have never salivated over.

As far as release details go we have a date but not much else to go off of. The sneakers will be releasing on May 13, 2022 and although it has not been confirmed as of writing this I believe based on the female heavy media released around these sneakers coupled with the fact that A Ma Maniére has preciously released sneakers in woman sizing only do not be surprised if this release is the same.

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