32 Million Dollars Worth Of Counterfeit Goods Caught At The Border (Best Things I've Seen This week)

This week in sneakers we've seen dope images of old school Reebok sneakers, discount Travis Scott joints and to top is off we have $32 000 000 worth of fake designer clothing and sneakers getting stopped at the border along with 1 000 000 counterfeit viagra pills...

US Border Security With The Save Of The Year

United States Border Security caught a shipment of counterfeit designer goods earlier this week, which included enormous amounts of fake sneakers including Chunky Dunky’s, Dior 1’s and other grails from this past year. The shipment apparently costs approximately thirty two million US dollars… You read that correctly, thirty two million dollars worth of counterfeit goods caught at the border. Nothing but blessings to the border security agents this year for making sure we stay laced up in nothing but the real thing in 2021, cant be rolling around all winter in your fake Diors this year, better luck next year. With the growth of the sneaker industry aided by the fact that everyone is being forced to purchase online and not in person this holiday season the counterfeit con artists wasted no time trying to cash in.

Taupe Haze Jordan 4’s

Finally we have some better images of Jordan Brands latest “discount Travis Scott” sneakers that will be releasing early next year. Jordan Brand has been releasing similar versions of coveted sneakers lately that have similar vibes to their Travis Scott collaborations without being a true collaboration meaning that the demand will not be as high, the release will include a lot more pairs and it allows people to cop shoes similar to the grails they have been chasing without having to break the bank.These Jordan 4's are eerily similar to the friends and Family pairs of Travis Jordan 4 from awhile back. I have seen a lot of hate on the “Mocha” Jordan 1’s and these “Taupe Haze” 4’s, people saying its lazy on Jordan Brands part but honestly I am here for it. I don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on shoes and I live in Canada so copping super hyped releases at retail is even more difficult so as long as Jordan Brand keeps pumping out heat I could care less if its considered “discount Travis Scott”.

BAPE X Reebok “Club C”

Here’s one for early 2000’s sneaker heads. Street wear brand “A Bathing Ape” or BAPE is coming out with a Club C collab with Reebok. I love the BAPE collabs on sneakers as well as BAPE’s own sneakers. These shoes are reminiscent of the Bapestas that were all the rage during Kanye’s college drop out days. The branding on the side includes the BAPE star across the upper and the iconic BAPE camo on the star to tie it all together. There are differences between the upper of the BAPE Club C model and Reeboks original Club C silhouette, which is fine, I prefer the original Club C to this BAPE silhouette personally but I don’t hate this pair.

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